Alan Crawford

After over eating over the festival period I decided to start going to FIT-4EVER bootcamp in Robertson Park, Renfrew.  My fitness improved each week with a mix of cardiovascular and body weight exercises.  The bootcamp is a great workout but fun at the same time  - no two weeks are ever the same !

In August, I took part in the Glasgow Rat Race - 10K obstacle race, culminating in jumping off the plank of the Glenlee into the Clyde - what a buzz !!

I still attend the bootcamp and am looking forward to my second 10K race over the Erskine Bridge in October.

Come along and see what you can achieve.



Scott Jenkins

With the holiday season soon upon us I decided I needed to lose weight.  For the first time in my life I tipped the scales over 13 stone.  I started with Stuart on a trial basis, 2 sessions a week.  The sessions were structured to lose fat and gain strength.  Stuart likes to teach free weight exercises and high intensity internal training.  5 months later I am under 12 stone and hoping to complete the Paisley 10k in August.

Stuart is a great believer in eating natural foods.  Following Stuart’s nutrition plan, after his assessment of my food diaries, I am managing to maintain a healthy diet. 




I am semi-retired and had problems with a stiff neck and shoulders at the start of the gardening season.  Stuart tailored a plan for resistance training for me.  After only a few sessions the difference was amazing.  I was able to enjoy gardening and many more activities which had caused pain and discomfort before.  I can't believe that a proper plan and a few words of encouragement could make such a difference not only for the original problem but benefitting me in day to day life.