Welcome to FIT-4EVER

Personal Trainer in Paisley and Renfrew.


FIT4EVER means just that..........long term fitness/weight loss and well being.

The aim is to help clients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, exercise and physical activity.

Working in the Paisley and Renfrew area, individualised personal training sessions will be provided in the clients home, workplace, gym environment or outdoors.

Each client will be given a personalised client profile / exercise plan to achieve their specific goals as well as general advice on healthy eating.

So whether you are looking to get fit, tone up, help to lose weight, seek advice on post natal exercises and lose baby weight, complete the men's or women 10k in Glasgow/Paisley, Glasgow Parkrun have more confidence, improve your general well being or achieve a specific goal, FIT-4EVER is the place to start.


            Do you have any friends and family who need a kick start to a healthier lifestyle and well being, Fit-4ever VOUCHERS is the ideal gift.